Over the last couple of weeks, Rick and myself have been out and about on the Dove and the Trent, but the bright warm and humid weather has not made things easy to say the least.
Even fishing till 2am has not produced anything more than the odd fish per session, and sometimes even three of with five rods out hasn't produced a thing. The recent rain did help a little towards increased flow and colour, but the rivers had filled up with weed making it difficult for some to stay out for long.

I think a good flush is now needed to clear out a lot of the stuff that is growing on the bottom and even on the streamer weed itself, this should freshen things up and drop the water temperature to a more comfortable feeding level for all species, and we may see a big upturn in sport. Hopefully todays  rain will do just that, but the weather is set to turn much warmer again next week. 

09/07/13. River Dove. New moon+1.

The start to this season has been a bit mixed, and personal circumstances have meant that I haven't been out as much as I would liked to have been, but apathy is the issue now rather than what I have had to endure.
During the first few weeks the fish have still been spawning and results for some have been poor whilst some have had some success. Rick and myself headed to a favourite area that also seems to be getting more attention this year than we would like it to be seeing, but it does seem to have a good head head of decent fish this year, that could prove interesting in the autumn months.

Only one bite between us was enough for a result and my first barb of the season at 11lb 7.

That is just the sort of tonic that I need to get my backside back into proper gear and start to get back to something much more normal. Cant wait for the next one now.  



The 2013 season is but a few hours away, and it should be an interesting one hopefully.
Rick and myself have been hitting the rivers over the last 3 months with the fly rods, and we have had some fun sessions on the browns, rainbows, grayling and a barbel that we estimated to be at least eleven and a half or a bit more, caught by myself on just a 3lb leader.
Good luck to everyone out and putting the time in, not sure if I will be out tonight, but Sunday is a definite.

The season has come and gone and 2013 seems to be carrying on in a similar vein for me, ie more grief than good, but at least my health is better and theres no excuse for getting out and about now, and hopefully this will be a better year and coming season. I have never understood what 'stress' and 'anxiety' are, but now I have first hand experience, and together they are life changing problems that take some getting through.
Cant wait to get started again after losing out over the last 20 months.

Over the last few weeks, I have finally found myself feeling good enough to get out and about with a float rod, after a somewhat unpleasant 12 months.
All I need now is the remnants of this year to fly by, and look to a much better year in 2013, and try to get everything back to normal. I havent had a barbel on all year and I can't say that I have really missed being out and about as usual, but then there are some 'problems' that can't be fixed by a bit of fresh air.

19/6/12, River Dove. Phase New Moon.

It's not been a great year for me personally, and I just haven't had the get up and go that would normally be there with the new season approaching, but I finally decided to put the gear in the car and get out fishing for the first time in 3 months.
The river looked great still carrying some water and colour, and fish were picking off the Mayflies that had got a little too close the surface to escape with their lives. As for the first session of my campaign, well it went according to plan...... A blank. Rick had been down for a few hours and had two doubles in about 20 minutes whilst I was setting up, and then we never had another sniff between us in over 3 hours. Nice to see some things haven't changed.

Some good fish have already come out of the Derwent, Dove and Trent, and with a poor summer forecast there may well be some big fish around by the end of August.

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