March 2009.
13/03/09, R Trent at Willington. Phase Full +2. Water temperature 48f.
Through the forum, I had an idea that another angler, Paul Kirkland, might be heading to this stretch, so I thought that it would be nice to see him again and headed there myself. A couple of other anglers were already there and fishing, and Paul did turn up a short while later. It turned out that during the time that I was there, that he was the lucky one out of the four of us, as he landed a 5lb 12 chub and a 9lb 14 barb to finish his season off. I would have liked to have been out on the last day of this season, but it wasn't to be, and after what has been a very difficult winter, all I can say is 'roll on summer'.    
12/03/09, R Trent at Willington. Phase Full +1. Water temperature 48f.
I headed out late afternoon to try a new spot, and found the banks deserted giving me a choice of several new spots. I was somewhat un-sure of the peg that I chose as it was only around 5 feet deep, but it turned out to be the right choice. I opted for a boilie and elips pellets on my rods and within minutes both were tapping away. A short while later one went over resulting in a chub of 5lb 5. Yet again both fell silent after that catch, but at 7pm the same rod went over again. This one was a barb, and as I slid it in to the net it looked like a double. Once on the bank, George and myself could see it was a good fish, and it was as it went 12lb's. I fished on till about 8.30pm, but decided to pack up early very happy with the result.    
10/03/09, R Trent at Weston. Phase Full -1. Water temperature 45f.
James, Nathan and myself had met up on the previous day, ( Monday ) to fish the trent, and had spent a while searching for the right spot to sit in with the wind still a bit blowy, before trying a few biteless hours with the water down to 44f. Today was certainly more settled, the river had a little colour in it after the overnight rain, and it was also starting to rise. Both rods were in for 2.30pm, and both started tapping away immediately. Soon after I hooked into a chub of 4lb 11, and then things went surprisingly quiet. Quite a while later, one of the rods looped over for a second as something moved off with the meat, but it managed to pull itself free. That was the last chance of anything for me, but as the light faded, quite a few fish started topping in front of me. Some were serious surface strikes, but not like we usually tend to see, and I do have my suspicions as to what they might of been.   
4/03/09, R Trent at Ingleby, Phase 1st Quarter. Water temperature 46f.
Although the forecasted cold had arrived, it was certainly pleasant enough at lunch, so I decided to head off out for a few hours. I opted to fish opposite to the previous session in the hope that I might just land on them, especially as the river was up, coloured and still had a decent temperature. 6.30pm was the key time, and by 6pm the air temperature was dropping like mad. The river itself was pretty quiet, apart from the two fish that rolled in the peg that I'd previously fished!!!!! By 7.30 pm I'd not a thing again, and I'd had enough of the cold. Everything was covered in frost, my cloth was freezing and the temperature had fallen below freezing. Hopefully next week will be better after Monday, as I've got a lot of time off for my last five sessions of this season.
1/03/09, R Trent at Barrow. Phase 1st Q -3. Water temperature 48f.
I decided to try a peg that I hadn't fished for a few months. With 8ft of steady water under the rodtip, it throws up the odd fish, and it was a nice afternoon to be out. There was a bit of a chill in the wind, but the water temp had held steady for quite a while, and the river was looking good. As it turned out, I didnt have a sniff from anything, but a few fish were showing, including an angler opposite who had two out.
25/02/09, R Trent at Swarkestone. Phase New Moon. Water temperature 48f.
I headed back to the same spot to see if something else may have moved in after the previous evenings session. Again the new boilie went on both rods to give it another try out. Over the next few hours I did get a few pulls on them as fish could again be heard rolling in the dark. Just after 9pm I packed up without anything to show for the few hours that I'd put in. Although the river is normal and clear, I think that they have been feeding during the day, so I might just nip out Sunday afternoon to find out. 
24/02/09, R Trent at Swarkestone. Phase New -1. Water temperature 48f.
Its always difficult trying out a new bait, especially in the winter, but I'd managed to get hold of some boilies and matching glug that I've been after for a while, and set both rods up with one 20mm on each in conjunction with my usual groundbait feeders. A pleasant almost spring like evening to be be out, and with both rods in by 6.20pm, I sat back to wait. I could hear fish rolling in the dark, so again I was in the right area, and just after 7pm I got the usual tap tap followed by a 2ft twitch. Something was on, but it didn't feel like a barb and came in virtually dead weight, but in my headtorch it was a sickly one around 4lb. It was long, skinny and very underweight with its head bigger than its body, so I released it straight away with no messing around, and it just sank to the bottom on its side. Obviously its swim bladder was also gone, but a gentle nudge with the landing net soon had it swimming away. I gave it till 9pm before packing in, but I didn't have even a knock after that. Still, some sort of result for a first foray on a new bait.
18/02/09, R Trent at Swarkestone. Phase LQ +2. Water temperature 45f.
Again, another half day, but a later start with both rods in for 3.30pm. Conditions, the river, temperature, all seemed to be good, but it was another frustrating biteless session till I packed up at 8pm. I've tried two spots in two days with various smelly/coloured meat and pellet baits, and received no attention at all, although the fish could again be heard rolling in the dark. Hopefully I'll taste some success before the season ends, especially as some of the other forum lads have caught in the last couple of days. I've certainly got plenty of weekday sessions booked for March, and by the looks of the weather forecast, getting out next week shouldn't be a problem either.  
17/02/09, R Trent at Willington. Phase LQ +1. Water temperature 44f.
Its been a very frustrating couple of months. Trying to book time off work in advance, hoping that there might be some milder weather, has led to disappointment until now. For once, everything was right and I had both rods in for 2.30pm, with the river at its warmest for several weeks, and up by 7f over the previous 4 days. The last of the snowmelt had passed through with the river carrying a bit of extra water and colour, and I was certainly hopeful. I gave it until 8pm without so much as a sniff from anything, although the odd fish could be heard rolling downstream of me in the dark. At least the milder weather will now be with us for a while, and hopefully till the end of the season.
With the chilly weather of late, the barbel rods have been put away and the float rod has been out on the dove this week, in search of some sport. The main target has been grayling, and those of us that have ventured out have had quite a few, as well as a few bonus brownies too. Walking the banks, fishing for just a short while in various pegs, along with some very fresh air and good company, has been a very pleasant change. No problem of which repeat to watch, just a nice bend in the rod.
Hopefully we will see some milder weather soon, but the long range for January isn't too favourable.
20/12/08, R Trent at Shardlow. Phase LQ +1. Water temperature 44f.
George, James, his friend Nathan and myself met up at 9am on a stretch that I hadn't fished before, on another mild drizzly day. The water temp was slightly up on Thursday and the spots that we chose did look good. I opted for a slight change on one rod using a smaller hook and maggots to at least try and pick something up. Within half an hour it started tapping away, and I found a small bream around a 1lb on the end. Not long after the other rod was well and truly away as a fish made off with the meat, but it turned out to be a chub of 5lb 1. later in the afternoon, I also had another bream around the 4lb mark on the maggot rod, but that was it for me. George and James didn't have anything, but Nathan did have a chub of 5lb 6 on steak after dark.
The cold weather has been forecasted to return at Christmas for some time now, and its looking like a bit of Piking or Grayling fishing over the Crimbo period, so for now I'll just wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Barbelly New Year. 
18/12/08,  R Trent at Kings Newton. Phase LQ -1. Water temperature 43f.
George, James and myself met up at 9am for a day session, with the weather surpisingly mild and bright. Its been a long wait for a break in the cold, and my only worry was whether the river had warmed up enough. With around 3ft of extra water on and some nice slacks at our feet, we put out our rods on a multi-tude of baits. Matt also joined us just after lunch to take advantage of the weather, but it was James who was getting the most interest with some very delicate bites. He did manage to connect with one culprit which he lost at the net, but it did look a good sized bream and was the only fish of the day that any one connected with. At 6.30pm we all packed up as the rain started to fall to find it somewhat difficult to drive off the very slippery bank. Its a shame that Friday has been a bit cooler than expected, as we are all out again tomorrow. 
20/11/08, R Trent at Swarkestone. Phase LQ +1. Water temperature 49f.
With the weather feeling pretty mild, I fancied a few hours of fresh air after work. I had both rods in just after 6.30pm with everything looking and feeling good. Fifteen minutes later one of the rods started tapping, as something had picked up the meat and was rolling the 6oz feeder downstream. Having picked up the rod I could still feel the fish tapping away, but the hook pulled as soon as I tightened up in to it. A couple of fish topped around me in the dark, but by 8.30 pm I decided to head to the pub, as a potential spell hadn't produced a bite. But then the half hearted take that I did get was probably a curious fish rather than a hungry one after 10 days of high coloured water.   
13/11/08, R Trent at Swarkestone. Phase Full Moon. Water temperature 46f.
My last half day session for a while, and I fancied trying one of my Winter pegs to see if the fish were in residence. A reasonable afternoon as the rain had stopped, and then a barb rolled mid-river below me at 3pm. Obviously they were there, but would they want to feed. A short while later another one came out, and I was beginning to think that they were in a playful not hungry mood, as both tips had not registered a single tap. I saw one more top in full darkness and decided to give up at 7.30pm and head to the pub. The water may have cooled a lot since Sunday, but somewhere they have still fed well in the extra water and I knew I was on a loser. I've still got two weeks of holiday to use up, but until after Christmas I will get out in the week when I can and weekends. December see's the start of our Crimbo Challenge, so a few of us will be out as much as possible.
11/11/08, R Trent at Willington. Phase Full -2. Water temperature 45f.
Leyton and myself met up on a rather breezy afternoon, looking for a nice slack to have a go at with the river being bank high and quite a bit cooler after the weekends rain. We settled into a couple of pegs with the wind on our backs and had the rods in for 2pm. I knew it was going to be tough and that one fish might be all that we could expect, but by 7.30pm we hadn't had a sniff between us, so we called it a night . The weekends rain had obviously not been to the fish's liking and a cold wind probably didn't help either. Back out again Thursdsay afternoon, and I may try one of my winter banker pegs to see if it will still throw up the goods.  
06/11/08, R Trent at Twyford. Phase 1st Q +1. Water temperature 50f.
Over the last few years, I've tended to not catch many chub, but this season I've certainly had more than my fair share with fish to 5lb out of both the Dove and the Trent. On another afternoon session I decided to try somewhere that I'd never fished before, and found a nice spot to drop both rods into. I had both rods in for 2.30pm with my usual set up, and I opted for a single halibut on one and two elips on the other. Taps on the halibut kept on coming and going for the next few hours until it finally looped over at 6.15pm. I wasn't sure what it was at first, as it had weight but didn't run. As it came closer to me on the surface, I could see it was a very long chub. In fact it was 24 inches in length and I knew it was a monster, and I was amazed when my scales said it was 6lb 8, a new PB. At 8.30pm I packed up with no further action. Its always difficult to find barbel on a big unknown stretch of river this time of the year, but a chub like that still puts a big smile on your face. 
4/11/08, R Trent at Willington. Phase 1st Q -1. Water temperature 48f.
Everything looked good, it was milder, some extra water and colour, and the drizzly weather was breaking. I chose to set up in my 'swine of a peg' and see if I could land a fish at the 5th attempt. A single halibut pellet on one rod with meat on the other, and the usual 170g groundbait feeders. Both rods were in for 2.30pm and I sat back to wait for Leyton to join me whilst not expecting anything to happen until after sunset. As Leyton parked up around 3.40pm, one of my alarms screamed into life as a fish set off downstream, and I actually managed to land a fish for the first time weighing 9lb's. I put Leyton on to a bit of a banker peg, but when I expected a bite came and went without so much as a sniff. It wasn't looking good, but at 7.40pm, one of Leyton's rods started nodding and then folded over, but after a few seconds his hook pulled.!!!! At 9pm we packed in. Back out Thursday afternoon for me, but I fancy trying some where else.
28/10/08, R Trent at Willington. Phase New Moon. Water temperature 47f.
Although it was a bit parky, I headed out for a few hours hoping that they just might feed. Having checked my records I knew I needed to give it until 8pm, and found the river looking ok with just a couple of feet of extra water on and falling. I put meat on both with the usual groundbait feeders, and had both rods in for 2.30pm as the rain started to fall. By 5pm the rain had stopped and it actually felt warmer, but I hadn't had a sniff. Thats how it continued and it was looking like   my best chance was going to be about 7.52pm. By 7.30 it was starting to get pretty chilly as the sky cleared, and at 7.50 one of the rods started bouncing around for a few seconds and then stopped. A couple of minutes later it started again, but the fish was obviously just nosing with out picking it up properly. At 8.05 I reeled in both rods as a barb topped in front of me. ( I'm sure they do it to see if its safe to start feeding some nights. )
The water temp had also fallen to 46f by 8pm, and although I have another half day Thursday, I think I am going to give it a miss as I reckon it will be around 43f by now. The first 3 frosts of the winter kill the trent off for a while, and it will need to warm up quite a bit for them to come back on. I've got some more half days next week and it is forecast to be milder.
22/10/08, R Trent at Willington. Phase LQ   +1. Water temperature 50f.
Having checked the temp in my pond before setting out, I knew the trent would be a little cooler than Monday's session but still fancied trying the opposite bank to recent forays. It was a pleasant afternoon so I had a nose around for other new pegs before dropping into one that I had been told about. After a couple of hours and a few knocks, I'd got the impression that I was in the wrong peg and the fish would be below me. I proved myself right by walking one rod some 60 yards below me, and dropping it into a likely peg to try. Within a few minutes I'd got a chub on, so I moved closer to the area and put both rods in to it. The fish were obviously there as I landed three small barbel of around 5lb, 6lb and 7lb plus another chub over 4lb in a great 3 hour spell. But the barbs were a bit lethargic showing that they were feeling the drop in temp and hence hanging out in the slacker water. Next week is looking chilly too.  
20/10/08, R Trent at Shardlow. Phase LQ -2.
I went back to a peg that I'd fished a couple of weeks before, with the river running at its normal autumn level and very clear. I opted for a piece of meat on one rod and a single halibut pellet on the other whilst using groundbait feeders on both. As George and myself sat talking, I did have knocks on both rods through the afternoon, but it took till just after 7pm for one of the rods to loop over as a fish set off with the meat. Having picked the rod up I realised straight away that it wasn't a barb, and found a decent looking chub on the end that was obviously over the 4lb mark. At 8pm I packed up early with a break in the rain. Back out again Wednesday lunch to probably try another new stretch.
16/10/08, R Trent at Willington. Phase Full   +2. WAter temperature 54f.
After the previous days blank, I headed back to the same peg after work to actually blank and so really piece together what I thought about the particular peg I had fished the day before. Another great evening to be out did result in a blank, but a barb did top some 15 yards below me as I was packing up, confirming what I thought. So its time to move on to some new pegs and return when I think everything is in my favour.
15/10/08. R Trent at Willington. Phase Full   +1. Water temperature 55f.
George Hayes has been joining me on the bank over the last few months, sometimes just to watch, so I decided to take him out for a proper barbel session and set him up my way. I also took him to my 'new stretch' to add something else new to the experience. We had four rods in for 2pm and sat down for a chat. It turned out that George had only ever caught two barbel in his life, his last one was back in 2003 weighing 9lb's and he hadn't had one out of the Trent. At 7pm one of his rods went off resulting in his first Trent barbel and a new PB of 9lb 7. To say he was happy would be an understatement, but at 8pm he was in again, but it found a snag on the way back in. 'How do you fancy son of two rods' I said to George, and he replied 'are you joking'. George cast in but didn't find his line so I had a go and got it, but just short of the bank the two parted. Another cast found his line again and I was able to get a hold of it, bite it in half, bring it back through the snag and knot the two ends together, and two minutes later we had a very lean 7lb 12 in the net.
We packed in at 9pm, job done. No fish or a bite for me, but I was testing out an idea on a peg, and I couldn't have been happier for George.
13/10/08, R Trent at Willington. Phase Full -1. Water temperature 56f.
Another half day session in another new peg on a pleasantly warm day, such that I had both rods in for 2pm. I've been repeatedly trying out an area that just doesn't get a lot of angler attention, and again found a nice looking run with the main channel down the middle. Unfortunately, but usual for the time of year, leaves were a real pain, constantly hanging on to the braid. A great chat with the bailiff told me that I was probably below where the fish would be holding, and as it turned out I ended up with just a couple of chub, but I have learned quite a bit about another new peg, although erosion in the area could well cut short its fishability.
Another half day on Wednesday as I take George Hayes out on more of a guided day and set him up 'my way' on what should be a top phase, but then I thought that yesterday.  
9/10/08, R Trent at Willington. Phase 1stQ +2.
Another warm evening, so I headed to a spot that I'd missed out on last week. With both rods in, I was talking to Leyton who was out on the Upper Avon, about our chances of a fish as I hadn't got any records to work to. A quick check suggested about 9.08pm for an hour would be the best time, so I was a little surprised when one of the rods went over at 7.55pm, but after a short run, the hook pulled from what felt like a modest fish. That made me shorten both hairs on the rods to make sure it didn't happen again, and at 9.08pm, on cue, one of the rods went again, but it all went pear shaped. What felt like a good fish went through my other line as it went downstream, and then found a snag close in. With both lines on a 25ft branch, I was able to move it around 90 degrees, but eventually both snapped. I re-rigged both and got them back in for 9.45pm, and as I was talking to Leyton, a rod went again at 10.05pm. This one felt even heavier with bigger head shakes and the rod bent double, so I tightened up the clutch and battled it out. I thought it was past the tree, but it too went solid closer to me, so I chucked the other rod into it and started pulling away with both of them. After 20 minutes it came free, but although I got everything back, the fish had been replaced by branches obviously caught around the bigger problem. At 11pm I packed in 'somewhat' annoyed to say the least, but my thoughts on a feeding spell had been right, so some sort of a bonus.  
8/10/08, R Trent at Shardlow. Phase 1st Q +1.
George, Matt and myself met up lunchtime for a session with the river still carrying around 3ft of extra water, and the weather on our side too. There weren't an easy pegs to choose, so we settled into three reasonable pegs. I'd got records to work to, but it turned out to be a blank session all round, probably because all of the pegs were just a little too boily for the fish to sit in. I did have something snag me up good and solid, but it was the only action in a long 8 hours.  
6/10/08, R Trent at Willington. Phase 1stQ -1. Water temp 53f.
With the river well up I fancied another exploratory session, but found the spot I had in mind out of reach. I opted for a nice looking slack, put the feeders on with a single haired halibut pellet and cast in. By 9pm I was beginning to wonder if I was in the right place/ bottom conditions as I hadn't had a touch, but a few minutes later a barb surfaced where I was fishing so boosting my confidence. A few minutes later one of the rods went over, but as I wound in, everything went tight and I knew that I was in the same snag that had cost me the lot earlier. For a couple of minutes I tried to free the rig from upstream and downstream without any success, so I let out some slack and sat back down. A couple of minutes later the other rod went over resulting in a fish weighing 9lb 12. The other rod was still snagged and hardly moving, but I knew the fish was still on. An hour went by and it was still a stalemate, but then the fish started to move out of the snag so I gave it some more slack line because I'd thought of a way to get the fish in, so I wound in the other rod, and swapped its feeder for a lead. I'd worked out roughly where the snag was so I cast in behind it with the other rod to try and find my other line, and I did on my very first cast. The fish started to move but the rod was bent almost double and I found myself trying to wind one in whilst giving line from the other rod, but after a few minutes the fish was  on the top, and then to my horror the two lines parted. So I quickly recast to try and pick up the other line again, and I did on my third cast. Two minutes later I'd got the fish in the net after over an hour and 20 minutes, and it weighed 10lb 4. By now it was nearly 11pm, so I packed up and went home with the biggest grin of the season on my face.    
2/10/08, R Trent at Willington. Phase   1st Q -5. Water temp 52f.  
Danny and myself met up to try a new stretch for the barbel on a cool and wet evening. A poor one on the charts, but one which I did have a timeslot to work to, boosted by a coloured and rising river. After looking at and trying several spots, I finally found one that I fancied, and I eventually had both rods in for 7.15pm. At 7.20 one of feeders started rolling in that 'fish on' manner, and I found a 6lb 12 on the end. A bonus fish as such, but as the 8.30pm slot passed it looked like a no-goer, but then at 8.45pm, one of the rods staightened up as though all the weight had gone from the end of the rig, and then a few seconds later the tip went round 3ft as a fish of 8lb 11 set off downstream. As I was playing it, Danny rang me to tell me that his rod had gone over at 8.30pm and he'd had an 8lb 7. We gave it till just after 10pm before packing up, but it was a good result for a first trip on a stretch that obviously doesn't see many anglers.        

30/09/08, R Trent at Kings Newton. Phase New +1.

Another half day session found me back on the same stretch, but in a different peg, with both rods in just before 2pm. I had a feeling that I should be able to catch mid-afternoon as the evening part of this phase has tended to be rather poor in the past. Same set up as the previous session, and still the problem of streamer weed constantly coming through the swim. But at 3pm after having re-cast a few minutes before, one of the alarms gave a couple of bleeps as something quite violently banged the tip down before setting off. But a second later the tip sprang back up. Some how the hook point had gone inside the middle of the pellet and the drag of the baitrunner had just pulled everything out of the fish's mouth. I hoped it was the start of something, but 5 hours later I hadn't got anything apart from a large pile of weed. For the last hour I decided to pile in the last of my groundbait mix and fish empty feeders, so reducing the splash of every cast, and it worked. At 8.35pm I landed a common around 8lb's followed very quickly by a barb just under 8lb. As the rain started to fall heavily at 9pm, I beat a hasty retreat along the dodgy bank in case I got stranded by the muddy ruts.


29/09/08, R Trent at Kings Newton. Phase New Moon.

A few hours after work, with no other anglers on the stretch due to the poor bank conditions, mean't that I had the pick of the swims that I had in mind. It was also another night to use groundbait feeders on a timeslot that does produce, but to see if they would produce better results. Both rods were in just after 6.30pm with a single halibut pellet on both and   apart from a relentless barrage of streamer weed, there was no sign of a bite for a couple of hours. At 8.40pm one of the feeders started rolling in a 'fish on the end' manner, so I picked it up to feel a solid bream like resistance, but it turned out to a deformed barb of 9lb 8 which put up virtually no fight. After that I had a chub around 3lb's which had recently been had by a pike, before losing what I think was a bream. At 10pm I packed up and headed home.    


27/09/08, R Dove at Tutbury. Phase New -2.

As I landed at 5pm, I was surprised to see a lack of cars around, with no-one fishing the side that I fancied. With all the spots to choose from, I wandered the bank before settling in to a sheltered peg. No leads or feeders on, just halibuts went on both rods in a freelining style. I gave it until 11pm for what I think was a line bite. The last couple of nights have been cooler than of late, and may be the fish are adjusting to it. Hopefully they will settle down quickly, but next week isn't looking great weatherwise, and daytime temperatures are going to be a lot cooler.


24/09/08, R Trent at Kings Newton. Phase LQ +2.

A few hours after work   on home turf, to also try out a change of tactics. Groundbait feeders with elips and halibuts   was the preferred choice to my pellet feeders. Both rods were in for 6.30pm with the river running at its normal autumn level, but a lot of streamer weed coming down. The 6oz leads were holding fine, and as darkness fell, it wasn't looking like a good night as the river appeared very quiet. But, as I was making myself a cup of tea just after 8pm, one of the alarms sounded, and I turned round to see the butt of the rod out of the rear rod rest and bouncing up and down in the air. The culprit was a chunky 9lb 2, and is the first fish that I have ever had, thats managed to pull a rod butt out of the rear grippers. Then at 8.40pm, the same rod went again and I found myself attached to a heavy fish which turned out to be a better fish at 10lb 6. Just after 10pm I headed home happy.        


23/09/08, R Trent at Thrumpton.

A day out for Leyton, Matt, Simon and myself. We were all on the bank just after 7am to try an area of the trent classed as 'middle' rather than 'upper'. A day ticket stretch which does produce some good fish, looked both interesting and very different to our normal areas. We chose to try all sorts of methods which meant that we were able to winkle out some silver fish, which actually saved blanks for most of us. What was surprising was the amount of rods on a short stretch considering it was a week day. A total of nine barbel anglers with 17 rods out, and one who could of done with a course on fishing sensibly!!!! With so many rods out, probably on a regular basis, it wasn't surprising that only one small barbel of about 6lbs put in an appearence.      


17/09/08, R Trent at ingleby. Phase Full +2.

The river was still carrying some water with a surprising amount of weed and debris coming down, but I chose a spot that I hadn't fished this year, that had produced a few fish hoping that my 40th session of the season would produce something. Feeders and elips went on both rods and I settled down for a few hours of chill time. It didn't take long before one of the rods looped over and I had a small fish of about 5lb's on. But again it turned out to be the only one of the evening other than a small chub. Another disappointing session for myself and another angler near me, but with a fish a piece, it was better than a blank.

Next week could well be a busy one as a few of us are having a day trip to a lower part of the trent for a change of scenery, and I also feel that I need to start spending more time on the Dove. Plus I've got plenty of Holidays to start using October onwards.


15/09/08, R Dove at Tutbury. Phase Full Moon.

A change of scenery, with the dove still carrying a little extra water and some colour, as I fancied trying a spot which I think of as a bit of a banker peg. It too turned out to be a no go area. On my first cast, the rod tip started banging about before I had even got it on to the rests, but I didn't hook into anything on the strike. The river looked good, but apart from a few knocks later on, it was another blank session. The only fish I did see, was a pike follow my feeder in early on, but even that didn't have enough of an urge to grab hold of it.  


13/09/08, R Trent at Weston. Phase Full -2.

With the trent finally back within its banks, I headed off to a peg which I thought would of given the fish some protection from the constant high water. As I landed another angler was already walking along the bank towards it, and I ended up settling into a peg nearby to him. A surprisingly lovely day with about four and a half feet of extra water on, had a few fish rolling here and there. But it turned out to be a frustrating session. The guy next to me had one out at 9lb 8, and then moved on, so I moved to where he had been fishing and sat it out until 11pm, but they didn't want to play. I was a bit suprised that I couldn't get one out, but after a week of high water, they have probably stuffed themselves silly, and the fact that fish were rolling in daylight told me that they were in a playful not feeding mood.      


10/09/08, R Dove at Tutbury. Phase Full -5.

With the trent too high I fancied a change, but found the stretch very busy with over a dozen of us on. After trying a spot quite a way down-stream for an hour, I headed up-stream to a spot Geoff Davis had pointed out to me earlier. He had already had one over twelve, from a spot that I'd fancied myself had it been free. Usual set up for me with my pellet feeders and elips on, and I was settled as the sun was setting. Nothing was showing and it was looking like a difficult night. Jim Ufton was out too, but I think he left early fishless. By 9.30pm, I was also thinking of packing up early, so I started to fold my chair away, and then heard the sound of a clutch slipping. Turning around I picked the rod up to find a spirited fish on the end that made a couple of powerful runs before netting it. It looked a double, but I had to settle for 9lb 15. With one under my belt, I did call it a night.  


8/09/08, R Trent at Swarkestone. Phase 1st Q +1.

I knew that the river had been bank high the day before, but riverline had it as falling in the early hours of Monday morning, so I was surprised to find a particular peg a lot higher than I had ever fished it. It was over the bank and still rising with a good 7ft on. I quickly set up on the only bit of fishable bank with something like 17 feet of water in front of me some 35 yards out. My 5oz feeders were rolling around a bit on the bottom, as were plenty of branches that also kept on catching my line, which meant  fairly frequent re-casting. But it was a combination that probably led to the one bite of the evening within 5 minutes of a re-cast, as a fish just over 8lb picked up my pellets. My rig had probably rolled past its nose and it couldn't resist them. Surprisingly its the first fish we've known under 9lb to come out of what has been a reliable peg.


4/09/08, R Trent at Ingleby. Phase 1st Q -3.

One of those phases that has been good to us on the trent in the last few seasons, and with some extra water on it looked a good proposition. Leyton had been on the Dove all afternoon before joining me, and hadn't had a thing. As it was we both fished till 10pm and didn't have anything as did another couple of anglers on the same stretch. The only thing I could think off was that may be the recent water that had gone in was cooler than the rivers actual temperature. Having said that Danny was on the Dove and managed a 12lb 5, and a lower stretch of the Trent had produced a 13lb 14. Obviously if the fish were finicky, finding them was the nights key.    


2/09/08, R Dove at Tutbury. Phase 1st Q -5.

One of those phases where I might have a chance of something special, so I headed to a stretch thats normally busy to find it totally empty!!!. The spot I fancied was free, so I set up as usual with elips and halibuts on and sat back to wait. For a change I was getting plenty of knocks from smaller fish straight away, but just before 9pm one of the rods went over and I found a very unusual shaped fish on the end. Built more like a chub and realistically only 6lb in length, I had a very chunky barbel just under 8lb's. I quickly cast back in as my time slot approached, and a few minutes later the same tip banged down and back. Five minutes later it did it again, but the fish must of moved on as I never had anything else before packing up after 10pm.  


31/08/08, R Trent at Kings Newton. Phase New +1.

A spell that should produce well, but one that never seems to perform to expectations. I decided to head out quite late after the worst of the weather, meaning both rods were in for 7.30pm. In the first 40 minutes I had three small chub, and then the barbel started topping, but it took until 9pm for one to show up, which set off on a terrific first run for one only just over 7lb's. After that I just had another small chub and quite a few chubby knocks, so I called it a night just after 10pm with the rain starting to fall again and a slippery drive back along the bank.

The only good thing again was the fact that the normal silkweed was non existant, with just a little streamer weed to clog things up. With this August now the dullest one ever recorded, it has to be said that the months lack of sunshine   has done us a big favour. The weed has died off early and paves the way for some good flood sessions over the next couple of months.


28/08/08, R Trent at Kings Newton. Phase New -2.

I met up with fellow DRAC member George Hayes who has been joining me over the last few weeks to "watch me at work" as such, but this time he brought his own kit for a try, so I put him in the spot that I'd caught in a few days earlier, whilst I tried a different peg. Early on I had a minute chub followed by a small barb of about two and a half pounds around 8pm. From the very start, I was confident that we had a spell of just over two hours in which we should be able to winkle out a few fish, and at 9pm, one of my rods started nodding, but stopped as I moved towards it, so I sat back down. Five minutes later it started to do it again and kept on bouncing around, so I picked it up and found myself winding in a slack line which was moving upstream through the flow. A fish was on, and now a few yards above me   trying to get to an overhanging tree. After a decent fight I could see it was a double, and it went 10lb 4. George unfortunately didn't land anything, but seemed impressed with the nights result.  


25/08/08, R Trent at Kings Newton. Phase LQ +2.

A few hours to try and find something new, found me on the bank just after 6pm with the river carrying around 15" and a little colour. I ended up moving from my chosen swim after just an hour, as it was a little too boily for my liking and settled down again some 50 yards downstream. Elips   and feeders went on both rods, and I was surprised at the lack of the normal silkweed finding instead that streamer weed would be the bigger but still minor problem. Early on I had a very small chub, but the river seemed a little quiet considering the weather and river conditions. If I had a chance, then I'd worked out that may be 8.35pm until 9.35pm would be it, and at 9.02pm one of the rods was away to a fish hellbent on making it to a snag below me. After such a burst of speed I half expected a double, but it was just under 8lb. I started packing up around 10pm, just as a chub took a liking to the pellets, but it managed to get off.  


22/08/08. R Trent at Ingleby. Phase LQ -1.

I headed back to a spot for a few hours to round off the week and try out a period I had no results to work too. Again there was no-one around and the river was still around 18" above normal with some colour. I knew the spot I was sat in would be virtually weed free, and the knocks started within minutes resulting in two small chub quite quickly. If the barbel were going to put in an appearence. then I had a time in mind, and at 21.42 one of the rods was away resulting in a small barbel of about 5lb's. Two other anglers landed for a night session, Ash and Piere, having only been club members for a fortnight, so I put them in a peg. At 11.15 Ash hooked into a fish of 10lb 7 and followed it up with another around 6lb's around midnight. I had packed up over an hour before, but stood talking to them as we anglers do, and it shows that the big fish are still around, and now switching on.


21/08/08. R trent at Barrow. Phase LQ -2.

Danny and myself met up for a foray to try a stretch for the first time this season. The river was still carrying a decent bit of extra water and colour, and we had at least 9 feet of water under our rod tips. Again my records showed a narrow window of just 45 minutes during the few hours we would be there, in which we would probably have the best chance of a fish. Early on I had a chub of around 5lb's, and as darkness fell my expectations rose. But as the spell ticked along, neither of us had any signs of a fish of any species. Then at 10.05pm, one of my alarms sounded as a fish made off downstream resulting in a fish of 8lb 13. Danny also wound my other rod in out of the way, to find a bream of about 5lb's on the end of that one. We gave it until 10.45 before packing in, but another of the spells I found last year has been checked, and can produce. The weed was a bit of a pain, but even in the main flow it has subsided.


20/08/08. R Dove at Tutbury. Phase LQ-3.

An evening session on a pressured stretch which was running a good foot above normal and very coloured. Geoff Dace was into a very good Rainbow on pellet as I landed, which managed to come off, but looked around the 4lb mark. The rain had already started and lasted all evening making it a very wet session for those of on. Jim Ufton, Geoff and myself never had a thing, but one lucky angler did hook up with the 'Bullet hole' at 15lb 10. I did see a barbel of about 8oz come flying out of the river and a good foot into the air. Just shows that there are some tiddlers in there.  


18/08/08.   R   Trent at Ingleby. Phase Full +2.

Hoping that the extra water would push the fish into the sides, I headed back again to find not a sole fishing the river. Again the same set up as the last two sessions, with elips and one of my own boilies on, resulted in a chub of around 4lb's with in 5 minutes of casting in. At 6.55pm one of the alarms sounded as a barbel took of straight through the same snag, but I managed to coax it out and it went 8lb 7. Soon after I had another chub around the 3lb mark, and then a roach of around a 1lb. As darkness fell I'd noticed that the barbel weren't showing but with the weed almost none existant, everything still looked good. I had a feeling that any other fish might appear a little later than the previous nights, and at 9.30pm another barbel found its way through the snag. I could feel the braid squealing through weed, but bit by bit it came back and it went 9lb 14. Twenty minutes later I had another of 8lb 11 which I managed to keep away from a real magnet of a snag. I fished on until 10.45 before packing up.        


17/08/08, R Trent at Ingleby. Phase Full +1.

After heavy overnight rain on Saturday, I fancied a few hours early evening hoping that the river would be rising. As it turned out, the river was up, coloured. and rising, and there wasn't another angler to be seen. I had a window of just 85 minutes, and had both rods in for 6.45pm set up the same as my last session. Allsorts came floating past me bringing a lot of weed too, but the barbel were topping around me, at 9.25pm one of the rods was away resulting in a fish of 8lb 3. Soon after at 9.50pm, I was in again, but the fish found the same snag as the previous session and I lost the lot. I fished on until 10.30pm before packing in, but at least I had something to show for my efforts.  


14/08/08. R Dove at Marston. Phase Full -2.

Somewhat surprisingly, I found that I had the stretch to myself and the river looked great with some extra water and colour. I set up the same as I had for the trent and sat back on a peg that has produced some good fish already this season to those of us that fish it. But it wasn't to be. After 4 hours and not even a knock from a chub, I gave up. Its hard to understand why the fish didn't turn up when I could hear them topping below me.      


13/08/08. R Trent at Ingleby. Phase Full -3.

I had originally intended to fish the Dove, but a traffic jam had me heading for the trent for ease. The river was up over a foot with some colour and dropping, and looked spot on. Soon after setting up, the fish started topping properly for the first time this season. I opted for halibuts and elips with my feeders, but moved up stream after a   very big splash. Ten minutes later I lifted into a fish which tore off in a real hurry, but my feeder must have been snagged and I found myself unable to do a thing with it. After 15 minutes of trying every angle, going over the top of trees etc, I resigned myself to the fact that I would have to pull for a break as I couldn't make an inch on the fish that was still on. The fish kept on topping around me and at 10.35 pm, one of the rods went again, but the hook pulled as soon as I knocked the baitrunner off.

The first bit of coloured water had spurred the fish on, even on a poor phase. The weed was also bearable without backleading.  


11/08/08, R Trent at Kings Newton. Phase Full -5.

After a couple of weeks off, it was time to get back to the grind. With the Trent carrying around an extra foot of water, and reports that the weed had subsided considerably, I set up in a decent barbel peg, opting for halibuts and elips with my pellet feeders. The chub were obviously in the mood and were pulling away quite happily all evening, resulting in one of around 8oz, so saving a blank. The barbel were still not in the mood, but then I would have been happy with just one of any size on a poor phase. As for the Trent. the weed was a hell of a lot better, and may be the forcasted rain over the rest of this week will give it a good clear out. The only question is, when will the barbel kick off properly, I'm starting to think it won't be before September.  



24/07/08, R Trent at Shardlow. Phase LQ -1.

After defeat on the Dove, I headed back to the trent managing to get on a certain peg that I fancied, and one which I will be targetting more from next month. The weed was as bad as it could of been, not helped by the peg itself which acted a whirlpool collection point for the damn stuff. I ended up alternating between my boilies, sweetcorn and pellets, and the only bite of the night came to the pellets resulting in a bream of around 5lb's. I'm now on holiday for two weeks, but intend putting in some hours next week before a week in Scotland with the fly rod. Hopefully the rivers will have picked up by the 11th of August, and it looks like we may well be in for a bit of a flush the middle of next week.


23/07/08, R Dove at Tutbury. Phase LQ -2.

Matt and myself met up for an evening session on the same stretch that I'd fished two nights earlier, hoping that we would see some better action than my last trip. Everything seemed ok, there were fish topping with some cloud cover and a warm breeze. But as the hours ticked by, the river   became very quiet, and when we packed up at 11pm, I'd had a grayling which was the only fish that we saw. We had alternated our various baits, with very little interest. A couple of other anglers that I know had been on the stretch since mid-afternoon and had managed a barbel each, but we were all rather disappointed.


21/07/08, R Dove at Tutbury. Phase LQ-4.

After a very poor few hours float fishing on the trent the day before, I headed to a banker peg for the first time this season to try a different approach. As it turned out, there was no-one on the stretch, which was somewhat surprising, so I set up with my feeders as usual, but opted for sweetcorn on one with halibuts on the other. Within 10 minutes the sweetcorn was picked up by a small barbel around the 4lb mark, and I half expected that I'd end up with nothing else after. But at 8.30pm, something picked up the pellets and headed downstream, but the hook pulled as I wound in to it. I decided to put both rods out on sweetcorn and after several good taps and bangs, I noticed the braid mainline coming towards me and then turn and go upstream!!!! The fish was some 10 yards upstream of me and it turned out to be a nice 8lb 12. A reasonable session considering it wasn't a top day, but I'll hopefully be back in the same peg Wednesday to try out my own boilies on the fish. One thing I do notice, is that sometimes a dead river, ie no fish topping, coincides with a dead spell on the charts. I didn't have anything to work to for this session apart from previous knowledge and going back to basics, and after 10pm the river was certainly dead.


17/07/08, R Dove at Marston. Phase Full -1.

Danny and myself met up to have another go at a stretch which has shown some of its inhabitants to us. The river was untouched by the overnight rain and looked ok, as we kicked off just after 6pm. For me it was more of a fact finding session on the river as I had very little to work to. Daylight hours were very quiet until 9pm, and then the chub moved in tapping away at our baits. I was the only one to catch on the night, and although I'm not a big fan of chub, ( apart from being total blank savers ), I was somewhat amazed at what I reeled in. A fish around the 5lb mark, that was absolutely scale and fin perfect. Not a mark to be seen on it anywhere, and with a fat belly. Without a doubt for a fish of that size, it was the best chub I have seen in many years. The barbel didn't put in an appearance, so we packed in at 11.30pm.


16/07/08, R Trent at Kings Newton. Phase full -2.  

I headed back to a stretch which I knew would be difficult to fish due to the weed, but another angler called George wanted to meet up for a chat and sse how I attacked the rivers as well as a general chat. We chatted about everything   from approach, to set up and even moonphases in the three hours that we were together, with no sign of a fish and problems just getting the backleading right. The stretch itself is one which I think is a barbel highway, and waiting for them is probably the best option. As it was, and once I'd got everything right, I was able to hold out in the flow for over an hour at a time and did get plenty of chubby taps. The proof was the 10oz chub on the end of one rod as I finally   packed in at 11.40pm. A lot of fish had started to roll after 9pm, but none had been barbel.    


14/07/08, R Trent at Weston. Phase Full -4.

A poor one on the charts and one which I didn't have anything to work to for the part of the cycle I was fishing, but in my mind I had 10.05 pm to 11.05pm as a possible if the fish were willing to play. I fished a spot that was good to me last season although I never had a double from it. How it had changed was the first thing that I noticed with streamer weed in lots of places that had none last season. It looked better for the cover so I put out pellets and my own boilies, clipped on the backleads and sat back. Even though I was in a spot that flowed upstream for a fair distance out in to the river, the usual weed problem was very evident. Backleading helped in reducing frequent casting, but in 4hrs I hadn't had a sniff, although good fish had started to top all around me around 9pm. I guessed the fish were very good roach, chub and one or two barbel. At 11.03pm I got my first knock, then a pull, and then the rod tip went back to normal. A few seconds later it started to pull slowly downwards, and I guessed that the fish was already on. After a short un-eventful fight, I had a chunky 9lb 12 in the net, which judging by its belly was still carrying spawn.  


10/07/08, R Dove at Tutbury. Phase 1st Q.

A session on what we call the big boys stretch, to see how its performing. With streamer weed a problem I decided to try backleading whilst still fishing the opposite bank. I opted for my feeders and pellets and HC's for bait, and found that I could for far longer than if I had no backleads on, but the stretch was very quiet, and I hadn't even had a knock when   I finally gave up after 11pm. Next week I think I need to spend more time on the Dove and seriously try out my new flavoured pellets and paste.  


9/07/08, R Trent at Ingleby. Phase 1st Q -1.

Leyton and myself met up for our first evening session of the season on an old favourite of a stretch, but the trent still doesn't want to play ball. I was the last one of the stretch at 11.30pm, and we hadn't had a thing between us. After the recent flush through, the weed was better, but there was still quite a lot coming down the river. On a brighter note, we did see several decent fish top through dusk, but it looks like were still some way away from anything like last years rewards.


8/07/08, R   Dove at Marston. Phase   1st Q -2.

After lasting just half an hour on the trent the night before due to impossible weed levels, I headed over to the dove to fish a spot from the opposite bank to normal. The river looked fine, and after making a spot to fish, I put both rods out on leads with pellets and boilies on. Chubby taps were visible on both rod tips quite quickly, but three decent bites resulted in nothing at all, even when I could feel the bites as the fish pulled away at the baits with the rod in my hand. But finally at 10.40pm the pellets were away as an 8lb 2 took a proper hold of them. The later part of the evening was quite chilly, but the stretch was alive with small fish and trout, and may well be worth a float session for a change.      


5/07/08, R Trent   at Weston. Phase New +2.

Leyton and myself met up late afternoon, and spent a while spot searching with the river so low and clear. The rods were finally in for 7pm in a familiar spot for me, with a decent spell ahead of us and only a late finish guaranteed. With the weed as bad as it is, this session gave me a chance to play with backleading, and by the end of the night I think I'd got the hang of it. As usual the feeders were out, and I played around with different hook baits, but possibly the one thing that helped me was the fact that I took some groundbait, added various tit-bits to it and had balled it all in by 10pm before I expected the fish to feed. Jochen joined us a bit later on for a few hours fishing, but when we packed in at 1.30am, the tally was two small chub for leyton, and a barbel of 9lb 1 for me. During daylight hours, the trent had been very quiet, but showed some decent signs of life through the darkness hours. Even so, its still not fishing well.


3/07/08, R Dove at Marston. Phase New Moon.

A different stretch some 400 yards downstream of the previous nights foray, to try a peg that I'd never fished before. With the river low and slow flowing, I again opted for leads only on a peg that was easy to hand feed with plenty of cover on both banks. I set up with halibut pellets and a HC boilie on my rods expecting to have to wait quite a while for any action. Just before 8pm, something picked up the HC and juddered around the swim before leaping out of the water. It was a rainbow of about a pound and a half on a 14mm boilie!!!!!!. Plenty of knocks kept me wondering what was happening in my swim, and at 9.50pm, the boilie rod started bouncing again, but this time it was a short chunky barbel of 9lb's 10. At 10.26pm, the pellet rod started bouncing around, but the barbel on the end of the line steaming off downstream became my first hookpull of the season. At 11.30pm I headed home, its been a much better week.

Its looking busy over the next week, with 5 trips planned from this Saturday.


2/07/08, R Dove near Marston. Phase New -1.

I decided to try the peg that Danny fished the week before, hoping for a decent fish to kick off the season. With a   narrow and   shallow peg to go at, I opted to use leads rather than feeders, and tried various baits through daylight hours. I had knocks on everything that I tried, HC boilies, pellets and my own boilies, but the first fish of the evening, a chub over 4lb, grabbed my soaked halibut pellets. As sunset arrived, the river was alive with fish topping and striking, but the rod tips had fallen silent. By 10.50pm it was turning quite damp and cool, and I was contemplating packing up as I spoke to Jen on the phone. At 10.55pm one of the rods started quivering, and then looped over. I knew it was a good barbel as it repeatedly tried to make it back to cover. On my scales it went 12lb 2, and with that I called it a night.      


June 2008.

30/06/08. R Trent at Shardlow. Phase New -3.

Leyton was on the bank for about 5pm, a good hour before me, and had managed a chub over 4lb   before I joined him.   On a   great evening to be out, we   found several other anglers   on the stretch   too. I could see the weed moving through various swims, knowing we would have a problem holding   out, but I choose a swim which gave me a chance to hold towards mid-river and set up with my feeders on both. With a poor phase and the river as it was, I wasn't expecting a lot, but it was another chance to try out my own boilies on one rod and the usual halibuts on the other. It turned out to be an expensive night with two lost feeders and six or seven hooks, as the weed rolled everything around until something found a snag on the rocky bottom.   Leyton   had to leave me just after 9.30pm, but I stayed on still hopeful of something even though I hadn't had a sniff, and just before 10pm, one of the rods looped over. After a short fight I had my first fish of the season from the trent, which went 8lb 12. Not a monster, but a significant fish as it had fallen for one of my own boilies, and it may well be that they will produce more once the river kicks into full swing. I'm back out again Wednesday and Thursday, and obviously need to catch a fish from the dove on them now.  


25/06/08. R Dove at Tutbury. Phase LQ -1.

I headed for a stretch that was good to me last year, to find very few anglers on the bank. I opted to try my new feeders with halibuts and a HC boilie on, and had to wait till dusk for any knocks on either rod. I know that an angler below me did have a good fish early on, and during daylight hours. For me I had to wait till 11pm for a good bite from a chub around the 1lb mark. One lucky angler above me did have a good night as he managed a fish of 14lb 11. I gave up just after 11.30pm.

Another poor week, but then a lot of us are finding it difficult. The two fish that I have seen this week were not hollow fish and also had extended vents. Whilst some have spawned there must   be more that have not.  


24/06/08. R Dove at Marston. Phase LQ -2.

Danny and myself met up again to find the Dove also very low. My first trip to fish it knowing that fish had been seen spawning quite recently. Even this stretch had been quite drastically altered by last years floods, leaving a deeper wider run that now registered 6 feet in depth on Danny's Smartcast. Danny also had a 6 foot run in his spot, so we settled down around 7pm and waited. I opted for straight leads with halibuts and some of the last   of my HC boilies on, and it only took 10 minutes for the HC's to be grabbed, but the resulting barbel was only around 3lb's. Danny then hooked and lost a fish just before 9pm, but then landed an 11lb 3 just before 10pm. Danny then lost another fish just before 11pm, whilst I was just relentlessly pestered by chub. We were both off the bank by midnight, but Danny's grin was a lot bigger than mine.        


19/06/08. R Trent at Barrow. Phase Full +1.

Danny and myself met up for an evening, and were surpised at just how low and clear the river was. I set up as the previous night, but my expectations were even lower than the previous nights. The weed is also a bigger problem for the time of year than I would expect, and is certainly worse than this time last year. We both found it difficult to hold out for more than half an hour due to the constant clumps of weed coming through, and it looks like I will have to take a leaf out of Archie's Diary and seriously look into back leading. Some what defeated we packed in after 11pm with nothing to show between us.

What a poor start to the season. My personal thoughts are that the trent fish have not spawned and are gathered up in pockets with the females, waiting for the water temperature to be just right and stable. Monday it was 15.8C, last night it was 18C. Fish have been seen spawning on the dove, and a few fish have been caught, but it's also been slow going on most most of its length. Think I'll be on the dove all of next week though for a change.


18/06/08. R Trent at Swarkestone. Phase Full Moon.

I decided to start off a little later than normal, as the weather forecast for the evening was saying I was in for a soaking, and a possible chance would be later than Monday's, so both rods were in for 7.45pm. My new feeders on both rods, with halibuts on one whilst I alternated fake halibuts and my own boilies on the other rod. The river was almost boiling with small fish splashing on the surface taking advantage of an insect hatch, and I now wish that I'd had a float rod with me to at least keep me occupied on what I thought would be another difficult session. As it was I wasn't wrong, and apart from taps from very small fish, I didn't have a thing, so I packed up just before 11pm.  


16/06/08. R Trent at Kings Newton. Phase Full -2.

For some of the early birds it turned out to be a very slow start to the new season. I know some started at midnight, whilst others kicked off around 4am, and all struggled with very few barbs coming out of our local rivers, apart for some of the luckier guys on the Derwent who had a good start. I had no choice but to start my new season early evening after work. My thoughts had been right in that we would see a slow start to 2008, but that the evening might offer a far better chance of a barb. The early evening turned out to be a bit on the chilly side, but with a slightly modified set up,   my new feeders to test and a fresh outlook, I was hopeful as the trent looked good if a little low. Nothing happened through daylight until after sunset, and then the chub moved in constantly tapping away, resulting in two small ones under a pound each which couldn't resist the 14mm halibuts. By 11.30pm it was very chilly and I wasn't getting a thing on the rod tips, so I packed up. It was also a first summer test for my own boilies, they are certainly soft enough as something managed to crunch one off the hair fairly easily in a matter of minutes, at what were un-strikeable taps on the rod tip. The only things doing well in my peg were a Pike and a Kingfisher. Oh well, back out again Wednesday and Thursday, weather permitting.

Leyton managed a bream and his first river carp on the opening morning from the trent, with a double figure common. So were still neck and neck after day 1.

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