14/03/08, R Derwent. Alan Booth with a last day fish of 11lb 2.

6/03/08. River Derwent, Alan booth with a 10lb 9.

23/02/08. R Derwent, Alan Booth wth an 11lb 4.

8/02/08. R Derwent, Alan Booth with an 11lb 2.

23/02/08, Chris Martin with a 12lb 12 from the Derwent.

January 08. Rob's kennet PB of 14lb 4. 

December 2007, R Derwent, Chris Martin with a 13lb 1. Apologies for it appearing late Chris.

8/01/08. Alan Jones again with a new PB of 13lb 9 from the Kennet.

5/12/07, R Thames. Alan Jones with his new PB of 11lb 13.

30/08/07, Kevin Jessop with a cracking 12lb 7 from the Dove.

01/11/2006. Alastair Jessop with a nice 10lb 14 from the Soar.

6/09/07. Paul Dennis with a very nice 8lb 10 from the Trent.

13/09/07, Johns 9lb 12 from the Dove.

Chris Martin with an 11lb 10 from the Derwent on pellet.

31/7/07, R Dove. Andy 'Bucko' with a 14lb 4. ( The same fish as Danny below. )

21/7/07, R Dove. Danny's new PB of 13lb 12.

14/7/07, DRAC member Phil Lofthouse with a nice 10lb 6 from the Dove on meat.

13/7/07, R Trent. Martin Smith with an 8lb 4 on pellet.

July 2007, Leytons Dad Alan Jones, with a PB of 11lb 5 from the Thames.

Danny's best fish of opening week on the Warwickshire Avon at 9lb 6, June 2007.  

Danny with a 9lb 3 from the Warwickshire Avon, June 2007.

06/03/07 R Ribble. Fishing buddy Danny Matley with a 10lb 12. 

21/06/06, Warwickshire Avon. Danny with his 12lb 8 PB, best of three doubles in one day during a weeks session.

18/8/06, R Trent at Thrumpton. Gareth Williams with a 10lb 6 caught on a Halibut pellet.

1/9/06, R Trent at Thrumpton. Martin Smith with a nice barbel taken on a halibut pellet.

September 06, R Trent at Thrumpton. Gordon Lathwell with a nice looking barbel.

6/10/06, R Trent at Thrumpton. Gareth Williams with a fish around the 7lb mark.

R Derwent at Borrowash. Gordon Lathwell with a nice barbel around the 12lb mark.

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