On this page I will show any bits and bobs that I come across that I think are really useful. 



These Energizer headlights are both cheap and pretty good. The one on the left is the LED X6, it has two red LED's for hand work and then a choice of flood or spotlight settings for walking/packing up in the dark which utilise the other four bluey white LED's. The one on the right is the LED X3, it has one red LED for handwork and two bluey white LED's for everything else. Argos sell them for £14.99 and £9.99 each. Originally I did pick up my LED X3 from Wilko's for just £7, but they don't always have them in.

For all you anglers who have caught up with the pellet revolution on our rivers, and find that normal boilie stops don't work particularly well as a pellet stop, then try these from Fox. As you can see from the photo, the V shape sits very nicely into the hair and they rarely come off even if the pellet does. Since I've started using them I've probably dropped more in the dark on the bank than I've lost at sea, to coin a phrase. They come in various sizes to cope with 14-21mm pellets. The pellet that is shown haired is a 14mm one that I bought pre-drilled as a bagful, and sits right down on to the stop. I tend to fish two pellets together most of the time. 

Something else I have found out, is that these stops are also very good at holding large chunks of cheese or meat ( 2" x 1" ) on a hair-rig. By pulling the stop into the end of a piece of either, the wings are strong enough to hold a piece of cheese or meat in place, as they don't fold over very easily. I've tried casting as hard as I can on the trent, some 80 yards downstream, and then wound back as quick as I can to see if they will hang onto the meat, and they do, even after a couple of casts. 

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