Two of the guys that I fish with, Leyton on the left and Rick on the right.

Welcome to the website which is all about those wonderful fish, the barbel. I'm sure there are a lot of anglers out there who are barbel fans, who enjoy fishing for them but like ourselves have found that they can be difficult to tempt at times, so I have put this site together with photo's and information which some anglers may find of use in their pursuit of this challenging species. 

Through the rest of the pages, I'll show you the sort of tackle, rigs and baits that we use, which have helped us to land some decent sized fish, although we know that there are still some much bigger specimens out there waiting for us. The Fishing Diary and Gallery pages will be regularly updated each week, although the amount of hours I put in will obviously fall off as the dark winter nights draw in each season.

Another project I am seriously working on, is fishing to moon phase through my Moon Charts and Results pages. Through the early part of the 2006 season, I used a Peak Days chart from Chris Lyons, but since then I have used my own version of his chart along with my own recorded results. The early results have turned out to be quite interesting, resulting in captures to with in minutes season upon season.

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